Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts…

The start to this year has not been the best for our family. Only last week we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put our beloved Yorkshire Terrier (Belle) to sleep. On March the 15th 2017 she would have been 15 years old – which I am told is a very good age for a Yorkie. Unfortunately her heart rate was dropping and so this made her breathing more difficult. To make matters worse she was losing the strength in her back legs and so this resulted in her having numerous falls. It was the best decision for Belle as she would no longer suffer but for the rest of us – well we just wanted to bring her home. 

This past week has been difficult – I have been waking up in the night thinking she is crying to get on my bed and I go to reach for her but she’s not there. We have left her beds and belongings where they are, but we gave her food and treats to the dogs home. Belle loved her sleeps with blankets and duvets and even our dressing gowns – anything she could snuggle into and make a nest out of. I miss waking up in the morning to find her lying next to me under the duvet (cuddles and snuggles we used to call it).

Just simple tasks like wiping the dishes is hard and upsetting as she used to come in the kitchen and look on the floor for food scraps! In fact everywhere I go in the house I am looking for her as she was such a small dog, you were constantly worried you would trip on her. Belle loved her walks (only if it wasn’t raining!) especially down Llandudno pier as she lapped up attention from passers-by. She also loved her family and would wait looking at the front door until we came home. 

Belle was my best friend and to live without her is going to be difficult. Her love helped me through some of the tough times in my life and I will never forget that. I know it can be difficult for some people to understand how someone can grieve over a pet but if they have never had one, then they will never understand the impact they have on your lives. I would give anything to have my princess back but I am just thankful I had the time I had with her.

My tribute to my little lady…


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