It’s a long winter with no Speedway…

So if you haven’t already gathered – I am a huge Speedway fan. It all began with my Dad, who used to go before I was born. He travelled up and down the country visiting many speedway stadium’s with his friends. Then he met my mum and settled down with responsibilities, so his hobby got sidelined. When I was around nineteen my Dad picked up the speedway bug again and I decided to go along with him. From that moment I was hooked. I never thought I would be so passionate about motorcycle racing….four riders, four laps and no brakes!

So there are three divisions of speedway:- The Premiership, The Championship and The National League. My local team Stoke is in the National League. Over the years I have travelled around the country going to different speedway tracks and even been able to see the Speedway Grand Prix and the Speedway World Cup. I cannot describe the feeling and the excitement of going to a speedway meeting. Even the smell of the engines turning over and the shale just add to whole experience. I have made many friends over the years and every one is so friendly that you just get talking to the person standing next you. Unless its a cup meeting…then the banter is immense! Speedway only runs from the months of March – October so the winter simply drags without any speedway. The only excitement I get is when the my team announces which riders they have signed for the upcoming season. 

So last season me and my Dad travelled to Wolverhampton Speedway quite frequently on a Monday evening. It is only an hours drive away from where I live. I have to say that the promoters and management have got it spot on. The facilities and the stadium are perfect considering you could be spending up to three hours there. The speedway is just fantastic and we were lucky enough to see Wolverhampton win the league last season. 

The highlight of my year was meeting Tai Woffinden after a Wolverhampton meeting and actually shaking his hand!! 

So if I seem abit down this winter… know I am missing my adrenaline fix. Roll on March, that’s what I say!


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