My personal statement

I would like to study English and Creative Writing because I feel I have excellent reading skills, by understanding and learning different literatures. I would like the opportunity at your University to develop and progress these abilities further into writing skills. I am really enthusiastic to use my creativity and imagination, so I am able to accomplish my dreams in writing a novel. My interest and appreciation in literature developed at a young age when I started to read a variety of texts. As I matured and started to study English at Gcse level, my English teacher would always drive my abilities as she felt my written work would excel in quantity and quality. She always told me I had a natural ability and one day I should become a writer.

I have researched thoroughly into the English and Creative Writing degree and I am enthralled with the different modules of Victorian Literature, Shakespeare and Dickens. I am very eager to learn all areas of Creative Writing and to further my knowledge into publishing, editing and copyright law. Eventually I would like to be a best-selling Author and I feel this course is exceptional for my needs, as it would enable me to have a good footing for the publishing business. I have also recently developed an extraordinary book idea and I have startekd to write a few chapters and brainstorm possible endings. However I need further assistance and education to elaborate my plot and cultivate my characters. With studying social sciences I feel these subjects give me a broader knowledge to be more creative in my work. I would like to take my education as far as I can go, with studying a masters and a doctorate after my degree. In previous employment I have worked up the career ladder to achieve management roles in the Hospitality industry. Working in customer service I have developed excellent capabilities such as appealing to the wider audience. I have also gained much life experience with meeting and working with lots of different people and even experiencing a different culture when I lived in Europe for a few years. I have also developed skills in my management roles such as self-discipline, excellent research skills, excellent it skills and the ability to meet deadlines. I feel all these qualities are enviable for a writer. In my personal time I read American crime books and cross stitch. Now I am currently reading Victorian literature and I am finding this to be a new infatuation. I feel I would effortlessly integrate into a society or association.

I am currently studying an Access to Higher Education course on the social sciences pathway. Unfortunately the colleges in my area were not teaching English at level 3 or A-level, due to a lack of interest. This then motivated me to enrol at the Oxford Open Learning Centre where I am now studying A-level English literature. I am advancing myself outside of college to get the best grades possible to keep on the right track for my career. I have currently decided to stop working and finance my own education, so I can put all my time and effort to achieving and excelling in my goals. I currently have 100% attendance and punctuality on the Access course which just shows how committed I am to my education.

I feel that studying this course at your university will help me eventually achieve my career. I feel I will be an impeccable advantage to your University as I am eager to learn, motivated and fervent. I am willing to take on extra activities and do volunteer work on the campus to help and reach out to others. I have suffered from mental health issues in the past and so I am very familiar when people start to show symptoms of anxiety and depression. I have been able to treat myself and effectively become my own counsellor after sessions of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and so I would like to help others in the same way. I feel we would both benefit from having me as a student at your University.


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